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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 23, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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third largest fourth quarter come back in play off
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history. >> warriors seal a come back to go 3-1. an overtime victory tonight. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. mark ibanez is here with us. warriors looked dismal then they just came alive. >> never a moment of doubt right. warrior fans right. all it took was simply the greatest come back in warrior franchise history. they have never come from 20 points down in the fourth quarter. and pulled a game out but that's exactly what happened today. take a look at how it unfolded. 17, four runs. green on the offensive rebound. curry buries a three this time with 11.8 seconds left but they are still down by two. the pelicans went to the free throw line and made only one of two free throws and that opened the door for one last chance.
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actually two last chances because you will see seth get the ball. work for a shot, miss, but alertly grabs it on the offensive board. this time curry nails it and there you go. and his dad and brother are pretty proud of that shot and it goes to overtime. steph by the way had 40 and that assist right there to andrew bogut in overtime. bogut offensively and defensively here as he stands up and denies the great anthony davis inside. bothering his shot just enough. warriors get the shot. they are winners go up 3-0 in the series. no one has ever come from 3-0 down in nba history to win a play off series. coach kerr right after the game. >> it's as good as it gets. you know three with two second left and he got fouled too. you know it could have been a four point play but to make
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that shot, shows everything that steph is about on a night that he's not even having a great shooting performance. >> reporter: all right i didn't get a chance to see all of that interview but one thing i noticed that he said, the coach said, i was just as stunned as everyone else. he enjoyed it and they play saturday night. game four and i think it's safe to say -- >> they're ready for round two. >> this is one of the most incredible games i've ever seen. >> it was so exciting. every time i thought they were done, and they weren't done. >> and everybody who said that the warriors was coming back. >> okay i will confess. our play off coverage picks up right now with paul chambers, he watched the game officially at a watch party in oakland. there had to be a lot of happy
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fans. >> this was the great place to watch. it's like i'm sitting in my living room. they even give you free items, no clean up and the party is still going on as we get ready to go to the next game, game four. it wasn't oracle arena but the fans are still loud and proud. >> let's go all day, let's get it. >> reporter: today the warriors took on the pelicans in game three for the first time in this series, the team wasn't playing at home. being here with fans just, you know being home and it's great. >> reporter: for the team on the road, they were lounging downtown oakland was the next best thing. as the bar switched up its normal appearance to become one of the watch parties for the warriors. >> there's more dancing and songs and singing, more like a
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lounge atmosphere. this is game time atmosphere. >> this is the place to watch it with the local proud. the people from oakland. the people that really support the warriors. >> reporter: although they're used to sharing the court with steph, the warriors dance team support the team. >> we're being a supportive fans with the phaoupbty. >> reporter: and for people it's just that, supporting the team. >> i love the warriors. but you have to support local businesses too. i wouldn't watch it any where but oakland. >> i am pumped up to see them go to the finals and win. >> reporter: if they continue to play like tonight, they will continue to do that. you can order in, the drinks they get you discounts on that because the warriors won. and i tell you what, i have nothing to clean up because they're going to take care of it. they're going to do it one more time here on saturday. >> you hear the music thumping
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in the background. thank you very much. and the play off coverage continues online. go to, just look for sports. >> paul looked like he was having so much fun. a good sized earthquake hit at the coast. it was centered 160 miles off the coast of eureka. there's no tsunami danger according to the national tsunami warning center. and we haven't received any reports of any damage. the state assembly unanimously passed a bill today that would protect people who let their lawns turn brown during the drought. there are homeowner associations in some cities that have rule that is can lead to fines if people don't water their lawns to keep their grass green. the legislation would prohibit those penalties. the bill now goes to the state senate. >> new construction is flushing an estimated 50-gallons of water a minute down the drain. water is constantly gushing into storm drains in this neighborhood and it's on
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purpose. a spokesperson for palo alto public works says, property owners are pumping water from a shallow aquifer. >> every time i watch the news, i open facebook, save water, save water, save water. >> reporter: they can pump gallons and gallons a minute and they don't get fined for that. >> reporter: 50-gallons a minute. president obama apologized for the death of two hostages after a drone strike. one bay area lawmaker says this never should have happened. >> reporter: the president called it a cruel and bitter truth that the fog of war can
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lead to deadly mistakes. >> reporter: flowers and yellow ribbons outside the maryland home of 73-year-old dr. warren weinstein. he was killed alongside fellow italian giovanni la porto. today president obama took full responsibility. >> i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government, i offer our deepest apologies to the family. >> reporter: the drone attack occurred in january in a remote area in the afghanistan pakistan border. >> based on the intelligence that we had obtained at the time. including hundreds of hours of surveillance. we believe this was an al-qaida compound. that no civilians were present and that capturing these terrorists was not possible. >> reporter: that intelligence was flawed and the president ordered an investigation. the family of weinstein echoed
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that. >> it is beyond collateral damage. it is something that should never happen. >> reporter: the incident raises new questions about u.s. drone policy in the war against terrorism. but civil rights groups such as the aclu saying the u.s. literally didn't know who it was killing. the white house did say that key al-qaida members were killed in the attack including farouk an american citizen and in a separate drone attack, american turned al-qaida spokesman ada gadan was killed. the topic today however, the loss of innocent life due to a drone. >> only makes the loss of these two men especially painful for all of us. >> reporter: the white house says it's drone policy requires
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a near certainty standard. near certainty that terrorists are present and a near certainty that there are no civilians in harm's way. a standard that clearly those met in this occasion. a woman is hospitalized tonight in critical condition after being shot by sonoma county sheriff deputy. the incident started just before midnight when deputies responded to a call of a car driving in reverse. they tried to stop the woman but she sped away reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. authorities say the woman eventually got off the freeway and headed toward sebasta pool. at one point she turned into a parking lot and as authorities turned in they say she backed her car into three deputies knocking her to the ground. that's when they opened fire. the four deputies have now been
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placed on administrative leave. support for gay marriage is at a record high. the poll found 61% of americans support same-sex marriage. that same number oppose states prohibiting states from getting married. next tuesday the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments on what could be the decisive case on same-sex marriage in this country. the justices are being asked to rule on whether the constitution allows states to ban gay marriage. a decision is expected by late june. silican valley executive ellen powell may have to pay a lawsuit against her employer. the firm has the right to recover legal fees, however
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perkins is now offering pao a deal. the rainbow tunnel on highway 101 in sausalito is being renamed after the late robin williams. the california assembly voted unanimously to change the name of the waldo tunnel to robin williams tunnel. thousands signed a petition. the 63-year-old comic genius committed suicide at his home in tiburon last year. this is going to kill him if i don't do something. >> a jewelry store owner takes action during a violent attack. at 10:30, the tool he used to fight off a robber. cooler weather in the forecast, but the weather headline is, showers for the bay area weekend. i'll let you know which day will be wet. >> two repairmen and two very
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one garage door, two repairmen. >> is this easy to fix? >> it's a very easy fix. >> i mean is this a very big problem? >> i love a challenge. >> you love a challenge. >> reporter: two very different stories. two investigates exposes concerns about a bay area
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company prompting a statewide investigation. now it all starts with a complaint to ktvu's eric rasmussen about best and fast repair service. and you put this company to a test. >> reporter: we did and it did not take long for us to see what customers had talked about. having to proof of a license and high estimates for work. when2 investigates called out best and fast garage repair to a ktvu employee's house in san francisco. we kept a few details to ourself. like the three hidden cameras. and the fact we already had another company give this garage door a full tune up earlier the same day. we checked references and hired a licensed and bonded contractor of all bay garage doors. >> beautiful. >> reporter: but before he was gone, we left kevin leave a small problem for the last guy.
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>> i took the cable off. this is a very common problem. this door will not be able to close. >> is this easy to fix? >> it's a very easy fix. just as easy as i took it off. it's easy to put back on. >> how much would you charge me for this. >> 79 to $89. >> reporter: enter best and fast and a repairman who called himself daniel. more than an hour late to this appointment. he did find the real problem quickly. but before we could get a quote. >> you rent the house or you own the house. >> reporter: daniel had a few questions for our producer. >> what do you do for a living. >> reporter: suddenly more problems. >> you see this is getting really, really old. this is sort of cutting the cable. i would personally have to take the door down. fix the cables and everything. $220. >> that's $220 plus another $170 to replace those old
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springs. remember kevin, it's more than double his quote of $89. too steep for us, daniel started dropping his price. >> i will do everything $200 even. >> reporter: when he couldn't show us proof of his contractor license, it was time to break the news, there would be no deal. >> daniel, eric rasmussen from ktvu. what kind of business are you running here? >> what do you mean. >> reporter: people have been complaining about your business. do you expect him to pay $200 for this cable. >> not just the cable. >> reporter: i have a tough time believing it because the state has no record of any license for you, any insurance. we have people telling us you're ripping them off daniel. >> why do i have this. >> reporter: he did have this license number on the side of his van.
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it came back to a completely different company and the license expired in 1989. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: what do you have to tell the people. >> i didn't, i gave her the price. i gave her an estimate if she doesn't want to pay. >> what we're seeing here is a scam. >> reporter: we shared what we found with the board. it turns out that they have websites in oakland and more than 40 other cities. >> it's the exact same 800 number whether you're calling from oakland, san jose, los angeles. >> reporter: a disclaimer at the bottom of some of the websites say all work is done by individually independent contractors. the state says that's not enough. >> the laws are in place so the consumer knows who they're dealing with.
10:19 pm
if i call up best and fast and i need someone to come out and repair my garage door, i think we have somebody from best and fast. >> can you write a check for the owner. his name is bar. b-a-r. >> it's not best and fast. >> yeah but you write the check to the owner. >> reporter: and a check of the name that daniel gave us, turned up a facebook page for a guy who looked just like daniel. >> what else can you do to protect yourself? >> that's the first thing you think of. the experts we talked to say shop around but do it before you have an emergency with your garage door or any major appliance like your air- conditioning. get lots of references.
10:20 pm
you can also check the contractor on the better business bureau site. >> they look like professional websites. you have to look very carefully before you might notice something wrong. >> the folks who tell us they're running that website say they do advertising the other guys do the contracting. >> thanks, eric. if you have a tip for 2 investigates we would like to hear from you. e-mail2 investigates at or call 510-874-0222. no fog outside right now. turned out to be a pretty nice day today. there's your evening, clear in san francisco. clear at the beaches. there's patchy fog in the morning hours. temperatures tomorrow are going to trend down a little bit. had some real strong storms showing up around colusa and butte county. this afternoon and late this evening. it's continuing throughout this
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area. and this is what's going to move throughout our area late saturday night and early tomorrow morning. so this is good news. a big weather changes coming our way. but first tomorrow, tomorrow we're looking at temperatures to cool off a little bit and a few more clouds. we have a few high clouds. that will keep temperatures out of the mid-70s mostly in the upper 50s and low 70s. winds are blowing out there not too unusual for this time of night. we're going to start seeing more of these south wind. winds comeing the way mountain view and san jose already transitioning. current temperatures are in the 50s. where they have been really for the last few nights. the model for tomorrow morning. there's the fog and low clouds. patchy fog, patchy low clouds. plenty of sunshine. then the clouds start to thicken up in the afternoon. and temperatures stay or cool a few degrees. so today we had lots of 70s. tomorrow we're going to see lots of 60s.
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by tomorrow night this weather system comes down. we're going to get some real rain. it's not a gully washer but it's rain and it will definitely water your lawn. when we come back we will time out that rain right after the break. >> thank you, bill. a spike in bing drinking. a study uncovering a surprising trend among women in the bay area. see where it's most prominent. >> crowds are packing the castro theater for opening night of the san francisco film festival. we'll tell you who was walking down the red carpet and what's different this year.
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new at 10:00, sonoma raceway has pulled its request for a permit that would change the way they use their land. sonoma wanted to hold a weekend
10:25 pm
festival. but now the raceway has decided to withdraw that request after looking at the cost. the san francisco international film festival kicked off tonight. over the coming week it's expected to bring big talent to the area. >> it sure is. jana katsuyama with tonight's red carpet roll out at the castro theater and what's new this year, jana. >> reporter: frank and julie, organizers say more than 1,000 people turned up tonight for the opening night. a documentary on steve jobs. they are having more films this year than last year and they're expecting to draw celebrities such as richard gere and isabela roselini here into town. >> reporter: the tickets went fast and the lines were long. film fans such as luke moody. >> i'm the place holder. who held a place for his fiance. >> are you comfortable. i'm ready to go. >> reporter: got to the theater two hours early. the first couple tonight got
10:26 pm
dinner to go. >> i've been coming to the film festival for years. >> reporter: today the screening of the man and the machine. the latest movie about steve jobs. >> so many that didn't know him were filled with grief. i thought that's an interesting phenomenon. let me look into it and see what i find. >> reporter: he directed film on thompson and frekanomics. >> i like real stories because they're often more dramatic and strange than fiction. >> going to a film festival is totally unlike going to the movie theater. you're part of a community that's engaging with film in a different way. >> reporter: new this year will be more community involvement bringing bay area leaders and innovators into the theaters to
10:27 pm
discuss topics addressed in the film. >> you will see really at least six films that we supported directly through our programs. about a dozen films that are really of the bay area. and really speak to our own community. >> reporter: moving people through moving pictures. one film at a time. >> reporter: and this year actor richard gere and director guillermo del toro will be receiving a gala award on monday. >> jana katsuyama live at the castro theater. jana, thank you. and van ness will close for the weekend and reopen on monday. the tunnel work is being done
10:28 pm
between postand geary and pub transit and emergency vehicles will be allowed to go through that closure. another closure is scheduled for the first weekend of september. well it's a chance to feel human behind prison walls. but this isn't major league baseball however it was opening day at san quinton. how one community is rallying to help an injured clerk. >> plus late developments in just the last hour concerning a missing 17-year-old from the south bay.
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young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young. now a man from napa is in a coma at a bay area coma after a
10:31 pm
jewelry store robbery. the victim, a star athlete who made it all the way to the nfl. debora villalon has the story. >> reporter: he's getting tremendous support and his wife is a nurse at this hospital where he is. >> reporter: it's still vivid for this store owner who rescued his clerk from the floor who was being beaten with pliers. >> with his hands like this. >> reporter: that was sunday afternoon. and napa valley jewelers reopened today. a steady stream of customers coming by with concern. especially for 55-year-old bob porter who suffered a heart attack while he was being assaulted. >> bob wasn't moving, wasn't breathing and this kid just kept going on and on. >> reporter: napa's >> reporter: napa's d.a. is charging that 17-year-old with assault.
10:32 pm
both had run away the night before from a half way house and school for troubled youth from nevada city. >> i thought he had a knife. because he had something in his hand. i saw something. >> reporter: he saw the assault start from his office. >> so i pushed this button. >> reporter: then reached for a mandrill. he used this to beat the teenager off his friend. the boys were caught near a parking garage. >> my wife has been there almost continuously. >> we were in the store early afternoon and were greeted by a young gentleman who cleaned our rings for us. >> reporter: cards are arriving along with face book posts. >> you're an amazing person and
10:33 pm
are praying for the best. >> reporter: porter played baseball in high school and then played for the braves. >> we work very well together. he's easy to get along with and quite humorous at times. he's got a great personality. >> reporter: a go fund me page is set up to help the family as supporters go through this ordeal. the bank of napa has an account established too. frank 22 years in napa and that jewelry store has never been robbed until now. >> we certainly wish him the best. it certainly makes you so angry to hear about that. debra is there any reason to why they beat him so salveishly. >> reporter: no that has not come out in court yet. interestingly the staff had all talked about what to do if there was ever a robbery and not to resist. to give them cash, to give them jewelry and to not risk
10:34 pm
anybody's safety. but porter never had a chance to respond or react before he could do anything he was under attack. >> that's what's so sad to understand. debora villalon, thank you. more about a teenager who disappeared three days ago. in the last hour we learned that the teenager from cupertino is back home. conner sullivan was last seen monday morning after going to a couple of classes. volunteers search crewed crew -- crews have been looking for him for a few days. a stolen cello worth more than $8,000 has now been reunited with its owner. an anonymous person walked into a bar on grant street. handed the cello and told him to give it to police then quickly left. officers returned the instrument to its 16-year-old owner in the east bay. investigators are still looking for a man and woman seen on
10:35 pm
surveillance seen in san francisco taken the cello in a parked car. now to san quentin prison and a side of prison we don't see often. >> it's prison baseball and inmates make up the teams. >> play ball. >> reporter: the majority of games are teams of free men who come from outside to play inside. but the biggest game of them all is opening day. a prison yard rivalry. cell mate against cell mate, brother against brother. >> so it's a privilege to be here. >> to a huge extent. it's a huge privilege. you can begin to make choices here just like you do in the real world. >> it's something that i carry
10:36 pm
with me every day. his name, his remembrance. sorry doesn't come close to explain the last 16 years. >> reporter: the field conditions here are less than optimal. the outfield is completely concrete. the hecklers will say things about your mother. still i played well enough that the players invited me to play in the season opener. the giant's best player is locked away in solitary confinement so the a's run away with it. think what you want about letting hardened criminals play
10:37 pm
around in the sun but consider 98% of the men who play san quentin baseball and get paroled don't come back to prison. final score 16-5. my prison career ends 1-1 with a run scored. at it's best baseball is about respect for others, respect for yourself, respect for the rules, things these men will surely need if and when they ever earn their freedom. there was one last thing to do, say goodbye. >> coming out. bird home? >> yes, he is. >> hey charlie. i said the other day i've never hugged anybody other than family. because we don't do that. thanks, man. >> yeah, man, it was fun playing ball. >> you had fun today did you not? >> i did, but i didn't know where i was. it was so fun.
10:38 pm
and it's really tough. >> look how cramped we are in this place. >> it just sucks, it's hot, you're with other men. they close that and you can't leave. >> you can't leave. but my spirit is not in here. that's what i have, my spirit is not in here. >> that was charlie laduk reporting. and the baseball is funded by private business and not the state. and some surprising numbers about female drinkers. >> cooler weather on the way to your neighborhood. i told you about this drop in temperatures that's coming tomorrow but i'm also tracking when there will be a chance for showers this weekend. >> up first a high speed pursuit involving a fiery crash. these pictures are just back from the scene.
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developing news now from richmond where a high speed car chase ended in a fiery crash at around 8:30. we're told the chase started in cardena. police were after three robbery suspects in a mazda with speeds reaching up to 100 miles per hour. when the driver tried to take the exit it flipped and caught fire. the three people inside managed to get out. three suspects a man and woman were arrested at the scene. the third is still being sought at this hour. prosecutors wrapped up their case in the sentencing phase of the convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. jurors heard gruesome and heartbreaking testimony from the final witnesses. one man spoke about discovering his leg had been blown off while at the same time checking his 3-year-old son.
10:42 pm
a trauma surgeon says the victim's wounds reminded him of war. jurors must decide between life and death in prison without the possibility of parol. in washington, d.c., the senate confirmed loretta lynch after a five month delay. the vote 56-4, 43 against with 10 republicans voting for her. loretta lynch will be the first black woman to be the attorney general. she is to be sworn in on sunday. senate republicans had held up the vote over an unrelated matter and that delay angered democrats and president obama. lynch will succeed eric holder. the warriors aren't the only bay area team celebrating three in a row. the warriors also took a win today. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking wet weather for the weekend. >> and one county sees a huge
10:43 pm
increase in bing drinking. who the worse offenders are and why.
10:44 pm
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a new report shows bing drinking is on the rise and some california areas are leading the pack. a sharp increase in bing drinking in santa clara county and women are some of the worse offenders. amber lee is live in the south bay after talking to a drug and alcohol counselor about the reasons for this increase. what did you find out amber? >> well, frank we're in los gatos where there's mixed reaction to this new study but everyone agreed that alcohol is an easy stress reliever in this high pressure world of silican valley. work hard, party hard. a common practice and more so in santa clara county than other counties in california. according to a new study by the university of washington. >> i see a lot bar tending.
10:46 pm
girls get wasted. >> reporter: bartender jen bell she says all too often she sees young women having 10 drinks. >> it's not a popular thing to sit and have one drunk. they just want to go, go, go. it's really popular to try all these craft drinks or beer pong is popular. >> reporter: for men five or more is considered bing drinking. >> there's a lot of pressure on us. to look good, exercise, raise your kids and do your work. they want to let their hair down. >> reporter: bing drinking among women increased 36%. among men 23%. >> it's okay to set those boundaries and maintain those boundaries. >> reporter: drug and alcohol therapist chris packum with a recovery center says he's seen
10:47 pm
an increase. five are women, most work at tech companies. >> we are working longer and longer hours, and we know how to decompress. women are in the field just like men. >> what do you do when you need to destress? >> i work out, i go to the gym. >> reporter: most people don't seek help until they get a dui. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. tracking a few clouds moving into the area. and by tomorrow night it'll be raining. probably up around ukiah around this time. it feels like the change is coming. winds are shifting a little bit. we have temperatures today that are going to be as warm as they're going to be. we're going to cool off a little bit tomorrow. instead of these mid-70s that
10:48 pm
we saw inland we're going to look at low 70s and upper 60s tomorrow. as we look at the loop here, up here in the butte county area and up around 50 and 60. strong thunderstorms, i will pause it up here. but in grass valley, we have strong thunderstorms in the foothills really for the last few hours. last four or five hours. that will increase as we head into tomorrow as that next system kind of gets closer to us. tomorrow is our transition day. what i mean by that it's a few more clouds. temperatures cool a little bit. but then we get into this weather system. really it's about saturday late after midnight into saturday morning. maybe a half an inch of rain at some of the heavier locations. here's the system. it's a good looking system for this time of year. on saturday this thing swings through. is it going to impact your morning commute? we don't have a morning commute on saturday, but is it going to impact your saturday? not really because it's all in
10:49 pm
the dark. by the time most of us wake up the showers should be out of here and the sky should be clearing out. here we are saturday night. here's the system. here we are by the time it starting to roll in. there's midnight saturday night. rain in santa rosa right after we get out of the air here. it's a classic frontal system. slides through. by 7:00, 8:00 a.m. it starts to dry out. and the clouds dry out pretty quickly. there's your saturday. saturday morning wet. real early but doable most of the rest of the day. there's your sunday night to stay for the weekend. cleans out the atmosphere. makes the roads slick. but also waters the plants. it's a nice time of year to get it. we definitely need it and with snow in the mountains that can't hurt either. probably will be chaining up there on the drier passes late friday night into saturday morning. there it is on saturday. that's the nicest day on the weekend and temperatures warm rapidly because it is that time of year. look at our monday.
10:50 pm
guys it pops back up. boom mid-80s. from rain to mid-80s in a couple of days. >> we're hoping for a few sprinkles coming up on saturday. >> we might get a little bit more. and you have to talk warriors. >> even if you watched it you want to relive it. because it was that good. you have so many incredulous moments maybe we shouldn't be so stunned. that being said an absolutely stunning win for the warriors. all but catapults them. what proceeded the combat concerning for warrior fans as it looked like a lost cause for three quarters that is cal product ryan anderson he had 26 helping new orleans build that lead. here comes in the fourth. 17-4. golden state run gets it going. seth will win. but watch green offensive rebounding. one of the keys he put it in 140 left. they're still down by four. now trailing by five.
10:51 pm
11.8 seconds left. curry this time works for a shot. nice move. drains the three. they're still down two. pelicans make one of two ensuing free throws and that cost them. it allows the warriors for one last chance actually two, because curry moves for a shot. and will not hit it the first time. alertly. first place. grabs the offensive board this time seth is perfect. the degree of difficult on that shot as his dad and brother watch. just incredible. it goes to overtime. 151 left. curry will find bogut everyone getting in the act offensively but they need him to clog the middle and that he does here. 10.9 seconds left. they have the chance to tie it but bogut stands his ground. anthony davis denied. seth curry after the game reliving the greatest come back in warrior's history. >> the whole game we were
10:52 pm
fighting hard. playing hard. competing. we just missed a lot of shots that we normally make. we never got too down on ourselves. everybody had their head up in the huddles in time outs. just talking, it's a long game, it's a long game. just stick with it. it'll be a sweet feeling if we get this win. >> love the shot of his dad too. a couple other encounters and imposers, lebron 31. cavs go 3-0. all of a sudden giants feeling pretty good about themselves after knocking the smile off the dodger's face this week in three gameless. they wait until the ninth to tie. win it in the tenth. show you how it all unfolds, sports part two headed your way, next.
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10:55 pm
dodgers strut into town tuesday. riding a seven game win streak. leave out of the town today with a losing streak. maybe all is not lost after all. giants were down 2-1. bases loaded in the 2nd inning. only to let howie kendrick get
10:56 pm
the loss. for casey mcgee, brandon crawford out into deep right center field. you hit it there you got yourself a triple. you get yourself a tied ball game. giants could not bring in the winning run in the ninth so they wait until the tenth. maxwell silver hammer comes down on the dodgers here. shot down the left field line. angel pagan started the inning with a single. you figure you're going to win. chavez one mistake. cole calhoun rides it out of the park. 2-run shot the only hit the angels got. a's strand eight and lose nothing. it seems like win one lose one. win one lose one.
10:57 pm
that's sports. >> if you missed any part of our newscast you can catch the rebroadcast. and see all those warrior highlights again. see you later everyone. >> good night.
10:58 pm
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